Tinder Dating Tips and Observations

Tinder is everywhere. In every city on the planet with a population more than about 40 people, from Melbourne to Timbuktu and everywhere in between, people are using Tinder. But is the app’s breakout success indicative of its usefulness in finding a date, or is it merely an emergent byproduct of today’s self absorbed, ‘selfie-generation’ me culture?

Polar Bears playing with Dogs

Polar bears are that classically paradoxical creature - almost bewilderingly cute (especially as a cub), yet relentless, brutal, and undeniably one of the most dangerous killers on the planet. It's almost as if nature designed them as a trap - hey, look at me, I'm a cute polar bear! Come cuddle me! Oh, let me eat your face off while you are still alive.

This video captures perfectly that cute side of the duality of polar bears - playful, loving, and gleeful, as they roll through the snow almost in rapture playing with some sled dogs.

Beautiful stuff indeed.

Julian Barratt Standup From 1997

Julian Barratt, or as you might know him, Howard Moon of Mighty Boosh fame, actually began his career dabbling in stand-up comedy, and boy, it's almost a shame he didn't continue down that road, because some of his early material was sheer genius.

Top Ten Comedians 2015

Boy, time flies, doesn't it? It's already that time of the year again - time for us to look back over the past year that was in the burgeoning comedy scene and pore over the contenders for the coveted (or not so-coveted) position of Coconut Daily's Top 10 Comedians for 2015.

CPU Overclocking - What Cooler to Use?

If you want to get the absolute most bang for your buck out of your CPU, overclocking is the only way to do it. But overclocking in 2014 is not like your grandpa's overclocking - it's far easier, safer and simpler, provided you have the right cooling solution for your situation.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

It was always going to be difficult for the once mighty phone producers Nokia to compete on a level playing field with the current big boys Samsung and Apple after letting themselves fall into such a hole for so long - but with the Nokia Lumia 1020 they might have boosted their modern day credentials significantly.